Mister: Why There Will Be More of Them in the Future

Most people know a mister as that giant looking electric fan that blows what appears to be smoke or mist. People often see them in some commercial establishment like a restaurant or some huge outdoor event like a football game or probably even a concert.

Most people are familiar with them for the kind of cooling sensation that they can provide the public. True enough, mist fans are cool, in the most literal sense of the word. They can provide a much needed cool breeze during a hot summer’s day.

Compact Mist fans have been around for more than half a decade now. Yet, despite that fact, mist fans have not been given the kind of attention that they deserve. This is probably because most people still want to use air conditioners. To be fair, air conditioners still provide the best cooling performance in an enclosed area such as a room or office. However, that does not mean that people ought to ignore what a mister can do for them.

There are in fact plenty of reasons why people will get to see more and more of mist fans. Below are just a few of the reasons why people will see more mist fans in the not so distant future.

Saves up on the energy bill

One of the main reasons why people will move towards using mist fans is the rise of the world’s demand for electricity. Price is a function of both supply and demand. The more the people demand something the more producers will supply it. However, scarcity makes it difficult to give everyone what they want or need. The competing needs results in a price hike.

agreecaltureThis economic principle is true for electricity. It is no secret that air conditioners need a lot of electricity in order to run. Long time use of an air conditioner can lead to an electricity bill that can make most people poor. What people need is a cooling solution for their needs that gets the job done without breaking the bank. A mister fulfills that need.

Mist fans are cheap and inexpensive to purchase and install when compared to an air conditioner. The biggest lure however, is that they do not use a lot of electricity. This will help save a lot of money. The difference in electricity use between a mist fan and an air conditioner can be likened to the gap that exists between both sides of the Grand Canyon.

Has a wide range of different applications

Misting fans are not just limited to keeping people cool. Mist fans are used in all different sorts of applications ranging from commercial, industrial, to agricultural.

Mist fans see a lot of use in commercial establishments like restaurants. Restaurants need to use as much of the space as they can to maximize profit. This can be difficult during the hot summer when people want to avoid the heat. A mist fan can take care of that issue without having to spend too much money.

commercialMist fans are also used in industrial applications. Dust and odor control are some of the more common applications of mist fans. Mist fans are also used to keep heavy machinery cool in certain environments. Keeping the heavy machines cool prevents it from breaking down which saves up on maintenance and costs of having to halt production when a machine goes offline.

Finally, agricultural greenhouses often use mist fans to help control the climate. Some plants require a humid environment to grow healthy and a mister can provide that need without having to worry so much about the costs of getting the job done.

Article by James Numbers

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